Our Services

Male Director of a Company Standing with His Arms Crossed and Smiling at the CameraPractice Introduction and Reinforcement Calls
Interface on a daily basis with the top workers’ compensation entities. These include insurance companies, TPAs, large self-insured companies, case management companies, and governmental entities.

Providing Industry with Practice Information
Provide the workers’ compensation industry with your practice information (physicians, specialties, locations, workers’ compensation coordinator contact information, etc.) via phone, email, fax, and personal visits. Because the turnover rate within a company is approximately 40%, we interface with these entities on a regular basis. This method keeps your practice in the forefront with incumbent and new case managers/adjusters.

Educational Inservices
Coordinate presentations for the physician to discuss topics in the area of his expertise in front of the workers’ compensation industry. Our educational inservices allow the physicians to develop personal rapport with the case managers and adjusters, not only for the presenting doctor, but also for your entire practice. Princeton offers accredited continuing education credits for these events. We are proud of the event planning that goes into this service – all the physician has to do is show up and give the presentation, and we take care of the rest.

Physician Feedback
Obtain and share feedback from the major workers’ compensation entities to measure their working relationship with your physicians.

Overall Feedback on Practice Performance
We obtain any other feedback regarding the practice that may be unrelated to the physician or the workers’ compensation coordinator (e.g. practice process or policies).

Identify & Resolve Issues Between Practice & Industry
With all feedback, we identify the issues and take immediate action to rectify such problems and repair relationships between the practice and the involved company.

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator Training and Monitoring
Work closely with your workers’ compensation coordinator to build upon and establish the key areas that are important to case managers and adjusters.

Network Evaluation
Monitor the continuous shifts of the networks in the workers’ compensation industry – always looking for new opportunities based on the local market share of the network.

Offer Our Experience for Contracting
To coincide with the evaluation of networks, we can offer our experience for network contracting. Although we cannot do contracting for our clients, we can offer advice about the major networks, their market share, and attempt to maximize your reimbursement.

Monitor Major Industry Shifts
The workers’ compensation industry is constantly changing. Companies move offices, downsize or expand, gain or lose key accounts, shift organizational territories, and recognize or merge. We stay current with these shifts and trends through communication with the industry to better serve your practice and preserve your market share.

Establish Relationships with Local Large Self-Insured Companies
Most practices have large self-insured entities near their offices (i.e. Fortune 100 companies like Walmart, Home Depot, UPS, etc. Usually large government entities, colleges, universities, school boards, etc., are also nearby). We coordinate with these entities and strive to make your practice their first choice for workers’ compensation injury resolution.

Market Share Maintenance and Growth
As we build and maintain relationships for your practice in the workers’ compensation industry, we strive to maintain your market share with the major entities. When each function is properly communicated and running smoothly, then workers’ compensation revenue should remain at a steady level and grow over time.

October 22nd, 2015 by Princeton Select Providers